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A ghostwriter is a deep listener, a conduit between your mind and the page. You share your concept through discussions or written ideas, and I transform these, expressing in your voice, with your vision, the messages you wish to convey. I help you clarify your book’s objective, organize its structure, and create a professional manuscript.


I do the hard work: interviews, organization, and writing. As the author, your opinions are important at every step, and you have the final approval for every decision.


While I can’t guarantee publication, I will provide a final manuscript formatted to industry standards, a work worthy of the serious consideration it deserves from agents and publishers, or ready for self-publication. If you wish, I can also create your book proposal; help you evaluate publishing options, agents, and publishers; and develop your marketing plan.   

This service can range from shorter books to longer ones requiring greater time and involvement. Fee includes line editing, and payment plans are available.


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